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Normandy Kitchen sells quality new, vintage and antique copper pans and kitchen accessories from France. We source all of our pans from northern France from Calvados in the north, Paris in the east to Sarthe in the south. We try and buy what we think people will really appreciate and be able to work within a busy kitchen and are truly beautiful. A good copper pan whatever the thickness will be useful in all mediums - making fridge jams in double-quick time, flash-frying and sautéing, roasting meat, making casseroles and long-cooked stews, beating egg whites until they are impossibly fluffy and making bread, cakes and canelés.

Copper is head and shoulders above all other cooking materials including all the new ones - it is the best conductor of heat and cooks the most evenly. A good copper pan will last a lifetime if looked after (some even if they aren't!) many pans have been passed down through the generations in families and businesses and then we find them. In garage sales, flea markets, brocantes and classified ads we search and search for the best we can find, we then refurbish them and give them all a new life and send them to new owners most of the time many, many miles away.

We refurbish all our pans and kitchen accessories. They are polished, the handles are checked, the interiors are checked for completeness - and re-tinned as necessary. You are getting a good vintage pan in a nearly new condition - or an antique pan that is ready for another session in your kitchen. Be assured - all our pans are good new NKC copper pans, vintage or antique pans - made in the old-fashioned, beautiful, robust and proper way, made to last a lifetime.

We are constantly learning and improving our knowledge and expertise - copper buying can be confusing, there can be many different and conflicting opinions out there! We sell good honest copper, both for domestic and professional use, vintage and antique. Have a look at our extensive range of quality copper at www.etsy.com/shop/normandykitchen and

Normandy Kitchen - the Home of Quality French Copper

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