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Normandy Kitchen Copper

Copper Casserole Antique New Hand Wiped Artisan Tin Solid French Copper Bassine a Ragout Cast Bronze Handles 22cm 8 5/8" Hand Hammered

Copper Casserole Antique New Hand Wiped Artisan Tin Solid French Copper Bassine a Ragout Cast Bronze Handles 22cm 8 5/8" Hand Hammered

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This casserole has a brand new tin lining done by a Normandy artisan, the tin has the tell-tale hand wiped tin swirls, there are some minor flow on the lid edge and on the upper side. This is an older and much more rare piece - antique Bassine a Ragout or casserole - early 20th century.

Here it is, this marvelous Bassine a ragout or stewpot, retailed and made by French artisan - unfortunately we don't know who - the bottom part has been hand hammered and raised, you can see the 'stretch marks' in the surface. There is a double bevel on the elbow. It is one of those pots that is in 'Praise of no-name copper'*

This can be used to cook anything form sautes to casseroles and slow cooked stews and great from kitchen to table.

It weighs an amazing 2.78 kilos just over 6lb 2 ozs and measures 22 cm across 8 5/8 inches, is 11.5cm or 4 1/2 inches high. It is 1.7 mm copper at the rim, with a new tin lining. This has subtle hammer marks on the body, a sign of being hand raised and hammered - this is a cut above.

This is a complete refurbishment, this piece of haute cuisine copper has been refurbished to give you all the benefits of a piece of new copper with a new tin lining but with the heritage and quality of antique copper - it has been restored enough to retain it's past but enough to ensure it's future.

The lid fits well. This is a proper chefs casserole.

This is a lovely thing for any kitchen and a real quality conversation piece, this is a Goldilocks pan - not too big and not too small - don't miss out on this amazing useful casserole.

No 11376

*With thanks to VFC for the phrase 'in praise of no-name copper'

All our items are sent tracked and insured via our parcel post, we offer Free Shipping - we double box and use peanuts, polystyrene and bubble wrap.

All the items we sell have been refurbished or restored to the best of our ability, they are all vintage or antique copper pans from France that have usually seen one culinary life - our aim is to ensure they are fit for another.

We refurbish all our pans and kitchen accessories. They are polished, they are cleaned thoroughly, the handles are checked, the interiors are checked for completeness - we renovate old tin and re-tin as necessary. You are getting a good vintage pan in a nearly new condition that can be used immediately - or an antique pan that is ready for another session in your kitchen.

Be assured - all our pans are either NKC copper pans and accessories, vintage or antique pans - all made in the old fashioned, beautiful, robust and proper way, made to last a lifetime.

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