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Normandy Kitchen Copper

Fabrication Francaise Vintage Copper Saute Pan New Tin French Copper Pan 24cm 9 1/2" Cast Iron Handles Lid New Artisan Hand Wiped Tin Lining

Fabrication Francaise Vintage Copper Saute Pan New Tin French Copper Pan 24cm 9 1/2" Cast Iron Handles Lid New Artisan Hand Wiped Tin Lining

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Fabrication Francaise top of the range, 2mm solid copper saute with a new tin lining, earlier manufacture - a vintage classic, both base and lid have been re-tinned with the hand wiped method using 100% pure tin.

Made in France, professional quality 2mm copper Saute Pan with Lid, from Normandy Kitchen.

This is a good deep saute, a smashing 'go to' pan.

If you want just one copper pan this is the one you are looking for. This will saute, boil, fry and poach. You can cook mussels or a beef stroganoff, vegetable noodles or a stew. This is the most versatile of pans.

This has had one life in a commercial kitchen, we had this completely refurbished and re-tinned. This pan was made in E France for the commercial market, this has a good heritage and now has had a new lease on life.

If you want one statement piece in your kitchen, this will fit the bill. It does exactly what it needs to do, without complaint, it will work as hard as you do.

It looks fabulous now with a new shine and a new hand wiped tin lining and has a long life ahead of it hopefully being used for exactly what was intended.

The edge is slightly splayed and the pan lid sits perfectly.

There are three solid, heavy rivets on the handle which are securely fixed. It has a hammered body and glistens in light, it is in fabulous condition. There are minor surface scratches, the interior is in pristine condition.

It weighs 2.86 kilos over 6 lbs 5.8ozs. and is 24 cm across around 9 1/2 inches and is 10 cm 4 inches deep. This is a good solid pan. It is 2mm copper.

This is an exceptional piece as it could be used for cooking and look great when it isn't! You can use this pan without worry, it will sit in your kitchen like it has always been there This pan is ready to go again to make wonderful food - a real star in your kitchen kit.

This is a lovely vintage pan that will be sent tracked and insured parcel post.
We have two avialable

No 11319
All our items are sent tracked and insured via our parcel post, we charge by the kilo just the postage charges and nothing for packing - we double box and use peanuts, polystyrene and bubble wrap.

ALL the items we sell have been refurbished or restored to the best of our ability, they are all vintage or antique copper pans from France that have usually seen one culinary life - our aim is to ensure they are fit for another.

We refurbish all our pans and kitchen accessories. They are polished, they are cleaned thoroughly, the handles are checked, the interiors are checked for completeness - we renovate old tin and re-tin as necessary. You are getting a good vintage pan in a nearly new condition that can be used immediately - or an antique pan that is ready for another session in your kitchen.

Be assured - our pans are good old fashioned vintage or antique pans - made in the old fashioned, beautiful, robust and proper way, made to last a lifetime.
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