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Antique French Copper Daubiere New Artisan Tin Stock Boiling Pot Very Old and Loved Braisiere Real Statement Piece Braising Casserole

Antique French Copper Daubiere New Artisan Tin Stock Boiling Pot Very Old and Loved Braisiere Real Statement Piece Braising Casserole

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This is as old as the hills - it is a special pot that has survived years of use and still looks fabulous and can do the job it was designed for - amazing longevity.

French Antique Copper Daubiere Stock or Boiling Pot Very Old and Very Loved Copper Pot Real Statement Piece.

This is an antique pot that is still used today and still doing a fantastic job. This pot was made before the real industrial fabrication and mass production of copper pans.

This is handmade 'fabrication a la main'. It is made with separate pieces of copper fixed together in a castellated fashion.

Daubiere's are used for making duck 'confit', stew (pot au feu) or sitting on a hearth boiling away, the lid is snug to keep in the heat and the moisture.

This can be used on all cooking hobs. (Induction with an induction plate) This has real quality and form. This pan was made together and has stayed together. There is new hand wiped tin - beautifully done, it has a good shine and a superb new lease on life. The lid is tight but easy to remove, there are dents in the rim, it is a very good example of a classic antique Daubiere.

It is in fabulous condition for a useable piece that
could be 200 years old.

The patina on this piece is exceptional.
It has loads of indentations, marks and scratches. This pan has a real visual impact. The pan lid is snug, totally as it should be.

This is a pot that has been well used for many, many years and is ready for many, many more.

It weighs just over 5.3 kilos 11 lbs 11.4ozs.
It is 17 cm high 6 3/4 inches
it is 18.5cm or 7 1/4 inches wide
29.5 cm or 11 5/8 inches long.
1.4mm Copper

No 11126

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We refurbish all our pans and kitchen accessories. They are polished, they are cleaned thoroughly, the handles are checked, the interiors are checked for completeness - we renovate old tin and re-tin as necessary. You are getting a good vintage pan in a nearly new condition that can be used immediately - or an antique pan that is ready for another session in your kitchen.

Be assured - all our pans are NKC copper pans and accessories, vintage or antique pans - made in the old-fashioned, beautiful, robust, and proper way, made to last a lifetime.

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